You built me palaces out of paragraphs.

You're so sure I don't hear your words. Maybe you think there's too much weary history for me to contend with New & Fun. You hear told of the time before yours and sometimes you feel alone. Maybe you've even wondered if I'm still up to the challenge.

You assume too much, Love Child, because yours are the words I've been waiting for all my life.

So many words.

My time before you taught me to talk less and hear more but I sift through ALL your words and listen for your heart.

Without your words, how could I know that you sometimes say what you don't mean just because you feel too much to articulate?

Without your words, how could I know that you are unsure and insecure about who you might become?

How could I know, were I not listening, that you often hold back because you think it's not quite your time?

Without your words, how could I know how much you root for the underdog with a righteous anger?

Without your words, how could I know that you often feel all alone in your convictions?

How could I know, were I not sifting through your words, written and spoken, of your need for validation? More than anything, you long to be fully known and accepted, just as you are.

You don't say so but I know You. You are more aware than anyone else of what potential you have and, even as I write these words, you are developing the confidence to make dreaming a reality.

Words can't even describe my joy as I see who you are becoming.
So determined.
So capable.
So strong.
So loyal.
So true
to you.

Even without your words, I see how you love Jesus all on your own, with quiet intentionality.

But, your simplest chatter says so much more than you know. Before your time, the words I heard were few, but the pain I saw I never hear in you.

I know words, as I have plenty of my own. What you don't know is ALL of mine belong to YOU. We are the same. I know because I hear it in your words, Silly Sang.

And, YOU at 13?

YOU are our Blessing, Undisguised.
YOU are the product of a Love that begin many lifetimes ago.
YOU are the most effortless Love I've ever known.
A piece of cake. 

Better yet -
YOU are the thick, creamy, and luxurious icing atop.

So many words

are a relief to me when I know the best are yet to come.