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I was so scared to face my fears.

Why You even trust us with so much, I can't even imagine. We alternate between pumping triumphant fists in the air and rocking quietly in the corner, squeezy eyes and knitty brows, vulnerable to the next thing next. In a matter of weeks, issues that include extreme trauma, mental illness, genetic disorders, and tired, old grudges, which serve to poison the waters, pass through our hands. We stand, arm in arm, carefully considering whether we are meant to dodge or take the shots:What are we supposed to be to learning?
Can we set it gently to the side and move along?
Is this our burden to bear for a season?
Who is wearing hearts on sleeves?
and should we?It's hard to say in a world of emotions but I KNOW our hearts are true. Even in their ugliest states, we keep it real. Sometimes, we're all Daigle, inspired and fortified, but, as many times as not, we're blasting Adele, accidentally alienating the ones we love and raw as can be. Let's just keep the Gungors, Eminems …

"All of the kids later grow up, but none of them forget the land they created."

Rosie Toesie wears pretty, little dresses and likes to swirl her skirt. She listens intently at story time and aims to please at all the rest.

She says she counts to 103. She says she knows all the days of the week but not all the months of the year because Rosie Toesie likes to keep it real.

Rosie Toesie has knitty eyebrows over the lizard that died in the storybook.

She asks me, "What were those sirens going by?" on the way to class today, but, when she's excited to tell something, she jumps up and down all the while.

Rosie Toesie wears glasses and tangles in her hair. Her eyes are deep, dark chocolate and my bet's on everyone who loves a Rosie melting in them.

Rosie Toesie likes puppets and that's alright with me.

Rosie T made a little gravesite out of boxes in memoriam of the lizard that died in our storybook.

She is faithful to remind me of the things her mama says she mustn't eat on account of a thing they are trying to figure out about Rosie Toesie. I…