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"Friendship and sharing were important. But, everyone knew that." ~ Cranberry Thanksgiving

Lan Dan is a gentleman of a fellow.

He is eager to share what he knows. He always smiles for photos, except that one time when he stuck his tongue out. He has a VERY tidy pencil case. He is happy to be here.

Lan Dan is a gentleman of a fellow.

Lan Dan likes to answer all the questions because he just happens to know all the answers and I can always count on him to keep things moving along.

He knows all the states and the vowels and even what consonants are but he's not as good at some things as his little brother and that's for the best because that keeps LD gentlemanly.

Lan Dan is a gentleman of a fellow and he aims to please.

Once, he accidentally said someone's drawing looked like poop but I know he didn't really mean it. He accidentally made his gal pal upset so she said she wasn't going to be his friend anymore, in spite of how gentlemanly is LD's track record.

Lan Dan says his mom told him that even if someone says they aren't your friend that, really…

Tell me why are we wasting time.

My 69 year old mother goes to work every week, even as life takes it toll and steals her sleep and health. She was poor as a child and suffered abuse. Nothing new to see in the evils of humanity but that cycle never affected how she parented me or my brother. She worked crazy hours when I was a kid to buy me a backless homecoming dress and pay for his escalating car insurance. She is the epitome of Pull Yourself Up By The Bootstraps. Now she pays recently escalating costs of health care for herself. She wouldn't want me to say how much. From her perspective, I've probably said more than I should already.
What no one is saying about the Hows and Whys of this elections is that there have been allegations circulating all over the Internet about the wide spread corruption of the Clinton Foundation, including factual connections coupled with rumors involving a convicted pedophile. We can't know for sure what all that means but coupling THAT with the known deeds of the Clintons, …