Tell me why are we wasting time.

My 69 year old mother goes to work every week, even as life takes it toll and steals her sleep and health. She was poor as a child and suffered abuse. Nothing new to see in the evils of humanity but that cycle never affected how she parented me or my brother. She worked crazy hours when I was a kid to buy me a backless homecoming dress and pay for his escalating car insurance. She is the epitome of Pull Yourself Up By The Bootstraps. Now she pays recently escalating costs of health care for herself. She wouldn't want me to say how much. From her perspective, I've probably said more than I should already.

What no one is saying about the Hows and Whys of this elections is that there have been allegations circulating all over the Internet about the wide spread corruption of the Clinton Foundation, including factual connections coupled with rumors involving a convicted pedophile. We can't know for sure what all that means but coupling THAT with the known deeds of the Clintons, widely documented, plus the cloud of suspicion around the deleted emails and general mistrust of the media created the tragically typical lesser of 2 evils situation, as in every election in more recent history (because the powers-that-be are forever forcing terrible choices on us).

Trump may be All The Terrible Things but, so far, there is not a long paper trail that indicts him, only his big dumb reality-TV-culture mouth, which is still protected by the 1st Amendment.

MANY people do not trust the Clintons (and with good reason). It's so obvious, regardless of all the crying college students and blabbado of the press, that, more than anything, the election was a message that the majority of voters ARE NOT down with a dynasty, Clinton or otherwise: "Get some fresh candidates in there and, if they aren't taking care, send them packing with the next ballot."

It's how our system works and, so far, it's worked pretty well.

So far, nothing terrible has happened except that the Obamas are going to have to start packing and they have 2 teenage daughters worth of stuff accumulated so I sure hate that for them.

What choice is there but to take a "wait and see" approach? 'Cause no amount of marching is changing the constitution.

Plus, we're a little bit embarrassing ourselves to our elders, who suffered plenty enough already (and, truly, there's nothing new under the sun) but without the benefit of the Fat & Happy America we enjoy today, where even grade schoolers have cell phones and are WATCHING.