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Do you like it uptown?

You aren't the only thing l write about. Or think about, for that matter. It's just that, this time of year, I struggle to keep you out of my thoughts.

You were, after all, my Favorite, once upon a time. How can I just forget?

Do you ever wonder how we got here and, more importantly, recognize your role in the undoing of Us?

In every bit of reflection and self-examination I can muster, I definitively see my fault as failing to walk away on that very first day. Even in that tragic mistake, my motives were pure. My reactions punctuate my ignorance in an impossible situation. For every action in every moment after, I can say, without a hint of uncertainty, my conscience is clear.

Still and all, it's nearly an unbearable shame that the innocent still suffer. And, just for the record, lest you are smug in the knowledge that the broken bits of us keep crawling back, note that the rest are limping along without desperately seeking a victimizer's approval.

The fundamental dif…