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We gotta let go of all our ghosts.

Poor Charlie rambles around all the night long, panting with her unexplained anxiety. To our eyes, it's only a little rain. To Charlie, it's utterly overwhelming as she seems certain it will overtake her.
She often refuses to go out and I'm frustrated because I need that task crossed off my list. Charlie shakes but stands her ground. There's nothing for it when she gets like that.
We all say the same words to her and I wonder if she recognizes the sounds as encouragement or if rational thought has been replaced by an embrace of the irrational. Every kind word falls on deaf ears as Charlie cannot hear for the sound of her rapid breath and beating heart.
She likes the alpha male and solely trusts him. Nevertheless, even he cannot calm her when the thunder roars inside her head.
At our old house, though she had a covered sun room in which to take refuge, she'd still cry under the shed. In the mud. What a mess she was. Muddy fur isn't easily remedied. She creat…