Come on and work it on out.

It's a little late in the season but he wakes and yawns and stretches until the fuzziness in his brain subsides. The time has come so he awkwardly folds his blanket and stuffs it away in the corner of his cave. Just around the corner, sunshine is streaming in. He sees dust floating in the air around him. 

It has been a long winter.

Shuffling past his friends and family, he makes his way into the wide world. The sun is brighter and hotter than he'd remembered. The air isn't so gentle as he'd prefer but the view from here is gorgeous. He can see clearly the green that's pushing through the melting snow.

Spring will arrive just in time, every time.

Still, he'll have to gain his own strength and learn it again. He treads lightly through the forest floor. He's hungry but it's not like before when he enjoyed paws full of mulberries and then crushing chokeberries with his big teeth.
He has a particular goal in mind this time. He picks up the pace in view of the fruit of the pawpaw tree.
That's the stuff.