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NOTGOAP: Bedside manners

There's really no way to accurately judge the strength of a couple's relationship until the pressure is on.

At this point in our lives, where kids are mostly raised and mostly out of the house and finances do not have a choke hold on our ability to live in reasonable comfort, it seems there's only one thing that remains to threaten our marital bliss.

Sleep Wars.

That's not like Star Wars where there's a perpetual struggle between good and evil.

No, not that. I'm mostly talking the battle for somewhere in the middle.

I'm referring to the conflict that arises when one spouse determines that, indeed, the speaker cabinet having served for many years now as a fine bedside table, is too far away from (let's say "her", for purposes of efficiency) HER bedside and (let's say "she") SHE takes it all upon herself to do a bit of tidying up. One might assume this is an easy enough fix, except when taking into account that (let's say…